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Over the past year, American society has endured several transformative and polarizing cultural shifts. In an unprecedented turn of events, we witnessed the third presidential impeachment trial in history, a racial justice movement of unmatched proportions, and a global pandemic that has taken the lives of 300,000 Americans and counting. These intrinsically political issues have riveted public attention and exacerbated the existing ideological divide, in part due to an excess of false and misleading information circulating on social media platforms.

At long last, the misinformation problem has become a topic of public debate. Members of Congress on both sides of…

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Since the COVID-19 virus arrived in the United States, the Trump Administration has politicized scientific findings to an unprecedented and dangerous degree.

By definition, science is the pursuit of knowledge — knowledge that, in an ideal world, is built into the policies that govern society. As such, science and politics have always been intrinsically connected. However, the current administration has repeatedly cast doubt on leading scientists’ recommendations, characterizing them as “an impediment to reopening schools,” and claiming that any findings that don’t advance President Trump’s political interests are “partisan science” (Frieden, Koplan, Satcher, and Besser, 2020). If there is one…

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Since Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, coverage of his norm-shattering, truth-bending, and institution-deriding rhetoric has utterly consumed the media landscape…

Over the past four years, President Trump has waged a metaphorical war on the free press, the very tenet of democracy that functions to hold his office accountable. Through late-night tweetstorms, press conferences, and official statements, Trump has repeatedly undermined the legitimacy of the press. He routinely vilifies its institutions, casting upon them a colorful array of monikers including “biased,” “phony,” “dishonest,” and most frequently, “fake news.” Despite the decisive loss of his recent re-election bid, Trump’s…

“Future Hope” by Raymond Doward

I remember life before. Before Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, and centuries of human evolution were accelerated by lithium-powered bodily extensions. Before digital engagement was weaponized against democracy, and society woke up to the human cost of surveillance capitalism. Although I have many millennial friends, I’m technically a member of Gen-Z, and my position at the cusp of my generational cohort has come to define my worldview.

As the first plane desecrated the North tower, I was babbling my first words. Nervous adult chatter about the 2008 recession shrouded my elementary years in uncertainty. My hands shook as I addressed…

Anna Callahan

I mostly write about tech policy, freedom of expression, and equity in the digital world. –––––––––––––––– COMM + CS @ Penn

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